Dental Laser Treatment


Dr. Zamani and his dental team of professionals are excited to introduce laser dentistry to our practice.

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Dental lasers allow us to deliver a very effective means of dental laser treatment without causing any discomfort to our patients.

Dental Lasers help with the treatment of gum disease. The use of lasers in dental treatments vary. Some of the more often applications of lasers is to remove disease, infected, inflamed and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket. Frenectomy, Ginvivectomy and treatment of canker sores, herpetic, and aphthous ulcers of the oral cavity are other useful means of the dental laser.

By introducing Dental Lasers to our practice we are able to accommodate our patients by giving them easier and more predicted results in helping them with gum disease.

Dr Zamani and his certified laser team, use a 940 nm soft issue diode laser to help the soft tissue’s health. By using this soft tissue laser we are able to achieve more predictable results, easier, and faster treatments for our patients.

More importantly our patients benefit from the use of the laser by having minimally invasive procedures which ultimately results in a more comfortable experience. Traditionally the patients would have to undergo most of the procedure by having the tissues cut, using traditional techniques of surgery. However the laser allows the clinician to correct the health of the tissues without any traditional surgery techniques and this ultimately produces much better results without any of the discomfort of traditional surgery. Frequently patients experience little to no discomfort following laser treatment with results that are phenomenal.