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Expert Gum Therapy

For Gingivitis & Periodontal Disease


A typical first visit at Dent-ALL by Dr. Z will consist of a complete set of X-Rays, a comprehensive exam, and study models if necessary. It is important to Dr. Zamani that his patients are treated with the best dental care possible, and in order to do so, we must have a clear understanding of a patient’s overall dental health. During a patient’s comprehensive exam, Dr. Zamani not only checks the health of the teeth, he also checks the health of the gums as well. It is important to Dr. Zamani and his staff that the patients are aware of the importance of an overall healthy mouth. Therefore, we normally recommend a minimal general cleaning of the teeth and gums at least every six months for people with healthy gum support.

Many patients do not realize the importance of healthy gums and the need for gum therapy. All patients are checked for any signs of gum disease. Gum disease is a silent disease of the mouth that can go undiagnosed until it is too late resulting ultimately in the loss of teeth. It is important to realize gum disease not only affects the gums, it also deteriorates the bone, which supports the teeth. Unfortunately, gum disease does not cause the patient to experience any pain, until it is in its advance stages. Some signs to look for if you think you may have gum disease area bleeding of the gums, bad breath, and roughness of the surfaces of the teeth. There are different stages of treatment available to combat gum disease at Dent-ALL by Dr. Z. Patients diagnosed with gum disease will first see highly qualified dental hygienists, who have been specially trained to treat gum disease and help maintain the health of the patient’s mouth following gum treatments. Dr. Zamani also works very closely with periodontist in the area, who specialize in treating the problems associated with the gums.

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